didihime's Journal

30 March
Twenty something but likes to act as if less than 17teen *shot* peter pan syndrome lol

I like to listen to the musics while doing my works. I like to watch anime, reading comics, drawing and colouring my artwork. I also like to go sight seeing, travelling, walking and exploring the streets, shopping for goods, cooking and eating and more.... and surfing the net of course...

Well, my journal mostly contains my flailing over TOKIO fandom, JE things, Jmusics, Jdrama etc...and sometimes a about real life (yup the other world of mine)... Haha... Other than TOKIO I'm also into V6, Kinki Kids & a little tiny bit Kanjani8 but it's a bit slow on knowing them all...

My journal mostly public except some rl entries etc... Feel free to add me but I only add back if we ever did talk to each other like that or if I feel like adding also it's better if we had something in common right?... Hehe... ^^