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Sep. 21st, 2020


Self Introduction

Semi-friends now...

Most of my journals are public... XD but there are stuffs that I would only share with only my flist...

Fandom stuffs = mostly public *except the slash fan arts lol*
RL stuffs = public or sometimes friends only, depends on my mood
Fandom + RL stuffs = depends on my mood lol XD
Name: Didihime
D.O.B: 30 March 1985 
Hobbies/Interest: Internet surfing, LJ, Comics, Anime, Jmusics, Jdramas, Photoshop, Fan Arts, Icons, Photography, Watching TV etc... 
JE Bias: TOKIO ♥♥♥
Other JE fandom I'm interested in: V6, KinKi Kids, SMAP, 
Ikuta Toma, Kanjani8, Arashi, Kattun, T&T... Basically I'm all OK with most Johnnys but my main are the sempai group. Though I don't have any interest much on kouhais like Jrs *I don't even have a clue who or what group they are*... 
Friending policies? TOKIO♥ fans are my friends. But JE sempai fans are especially most welcome to friend me. Just make sure we have something in common to talk or stalk about lol... XD

Please introduce yourself first... That's mean "please comment to be added"... ^^ Also I won't add you back if your journal are dead *Dead Ljs are creepy* or that we have never talk to each others... ^_^; 

Sep. 21st, 2015



I just felt the need to keep tracks of what I‘ve watch and what I haven’t.... So I made this list consist of the Dvds/Vcds/vids that I own (legally or not *means the downloaded one*) which is going to get much bigger as time passes by... Coz I’ll be surely to keep on buying or downloading more and more dramas/animes and adding up to my watch list... And I wouldn’t even know when I‘ll be able to finish watching them all! XD
The anime list is not really complete coz I sorta forgot how many animes dvd/vcd that I own...
The list only consists of what I’ve ‘own’ but don’t actually shows how much that I actually watch. There are actually a few dramas and anime that I already watch on TV. I just don’t count them in this list except when the download files/the DVD is in my possession. ^w^
Abc = downloaded version
Abc = bought on store
Abc = I’ve done watching it
Last update: 10 December 2011
The List... :DCollapse )
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Aug. 29th, 2015


I like pimp posts & picspams! XD

Just that I found this pimp post directory recently... So I wanna do a simple one *with my bias of course*... just for my own satisfaction. XD List of some pimp post and picspams... ^____^

-The JFRIENDS pimp
(with SMAP)


guingel: TOKIO starter kit
- annoyedwabbit: Chock Full of TOKIO
chiisanahito: I'll never underestimate Johnny's Entertainment again.
to_ki_o: SWITCH February 2006 Vol.24 No.2
bclar: Not a Pimp Post (3) — TOKIO
to_ki_o: Happy Birthday Leader!
basil_ovelby: HAPPPPYYYYYYY~
ru_johnnys: PicSpam: Nagase Tomoya
kyun_spark: Picture Meme Part 2 XD
purple_drummer: TOKIO's Friendship
darkeyedwolf: Freudian whip.
darkeyedwolf: I have a friend who loves similies. He uses a lot of them. He's like... annoying
- purple_drummer: They are T-O-K-I-O !!! (^_^)
topazera: 10 Reasons Why People Are Crazy for Not Buying TOKIO's NaN
- basil_ovelby: OH HAPPY DAY
basil_ovelby: IT'S A PICSPAM!
darkeyedwolf: I joined a bridge club. I jump off next Tuesday.
basil_ovelby: IT'S A BIRTHDAY(?) PIC SPAM, ie. have a lot of scans I found
basil_ovelby: ~Basil's TOKIO Pimp Post~


ulchick418: Carolie's V6 Pimp Post!
- insomnikat: The V6 pimp post/links resource
winterkill: HARRO THERE V6! \:D/
- honeyswallow: Why V6 is super ultra mega big love~
chiisanahito: Volleyball/Vegetable/Vicycle?/Victory Six
ohnaganoes: GOOD DAY!
rachie241282: When you bring Coming Century and 20th Century together
zukointhedark: Happy very belated birthday Nagano!
xxgardenxx: 36 reasons you should love Sakamoto Masayuki
sociologique: The Official "Sakamoto for 'An-An'" Post 

KinKi Kids

love_is_kinki: Sparkly Pimp Post of Epic Proportions
ru_johnnys: お誕生日おめでとう!
- fluffy87: Koichi and Tsuyoshi's solo song download
misosiru: PimPing the KinKi , PART ONE: THAT GUY NAMED KOUICHI.
Is it just me or there are not much of pimp post that I could find on these two guys?

Well... I'll update when I find more pimp post and picspam that I like ^_^ and actually if you look into my memories, there are more pimp post that I added in there... XD


STATE YOUR JE GROUP FANDOM! Meme (aka mini pimp post coz I couldn't create a long one)
(From around my Flist that I hv known and searched... Some are Flocked unless you have already friend them)
strawberry_fzz: STATE YOUR JE GROUP FANDOM MEME! (but tweaked to my liking XD)
miniliel: state your je-group fandom meme (stolen from strawberry_fzz)
rachie241282: And, this is my JE FANDOM MEME!
israfel84: ♫ STATE YOUR JE GROUP FANDOM! Meme ♪

May. 7th, 2013


Hello friends... :)

I went to visit my sis... and we went to Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair... On the last day! So many people were there!... and we were so tired of walking from booth to booth and we bought lot's of books! And when we finally reached home we collapsed in an instant... and I slept like a log... *end up waking up at 11 am the next day* BUT IT WAS FUN! XDDD


Then the next day I went shopping with my sis at GM Klang... I bought so many stuffs... hijab... T-shirts... and I bought more brooches!!! XDDD

 photo P1090010.jpg
 photo P1090012.jpg  photo P1090015.jpg  photo P1090016.jpg  photo P1090017.jpg  photo P1090018.jpg  photo P1090019.jpg  photo P1090020.jpg  photo P1090021.jpg  photo P1090023.jpg  photo P1090024.jpg  photo P1090025.jpg  photo P1090026.jpg

Pretty right? :)))

That's all for now. Have a nice day guys. :D

Mar. 25th, 2013


Happy!!! XDDD

Hi guys! It's a week of school break now! So I'm back at my hometown... \XD/

My birthday is coming! I'm gonna be 28 by the end of this week... *sigh*


 photo P1080201.jpg

TOKIO are just so pretty!!! And I love their songs!!! XDDD If I have the time, I'll try to scan the pics... :D
 photo P1080202.jpg  photo P1080203.jpg  photo P1080204.jpg  photo P1080205.jpg  photo P1080206.jpg  photo P1080207.jpg  photo P1080208.jpg  photo P1080209.jpg

V6 album are just great! I love most of their songs... Kinda trying to get use with some of the songs though... lol...
 photo P1080210.jpg  photo P1080211.jpg  photo P1080212.jpg  photo P1080213.jpg  photo P1080215.jpg  photo P1080216.jpg  photo P1080217.jpg  photo P1080218.jpg  photo P1080220.jpg  photo P1080222.jpg  photo P1080225.jpg  photo P1080226.jpg

Btw, I'm probably going to Singapore on June... Not for fun but for work (visiting a learning center) but there are some gaps on the trip... It's a 3 days 2 night trip so... I'm just want to ask for suggestion on interesting places and food... I'm a muslim so finding a halal food restaurant is really important... :D

That's all for now... Have a nice day! \(^0^)/
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Mar. 5th, 2013


\\(^0^)// I bought brooches...

I love cute and pretty brooches... and now it's a trend for brooches made from cloths, ribbons and buttons... :) I bought a few with cheap prices... Love shopping... XDDD
P1070921 (1)

P1070943 (1)

P1070944 (1)

Hv a nice day guys. :D
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Feb. 15th, 2013


Hi! :D

Hello friends... :)

Miss you all alot...

Busy with work and stuffs... TwT

Just letting you guys know that I'm still alive... Lol...

Here have a beautiful pic I took last Saturday... :)
P1070581 2
*I edited it into a much blue-er colour though lol...*

Ok. Have a nice day. :D

Nov. 15th, 2012


Hello! XDDD

MISSED YOU GUYS!!! Give me a hug pliz! \(;A;)/

I was busy this whole year I rarely update LJ anymore... I miss the old time... I used to post stuffs almost everyday... Now even leaving comment on people's page or giving replies to comment took me forever! 

BUT It's school holiday NOW and it's November already... Wohooo!

Oh by the way, meet my second boyfriend... Ehehe... An Ivory White coloured 1.3cc Perodua Myvi Ezi compact car... refer here for more info of the car.

P1050816 P1050817 P1050804 

I'm thinking of doing the New Year Card Exchange! And since I didn't manage to do the postcard exchange last time... I'll include the post cards with new year cards... and drawings if I could... ^^;;; 

So if you guys from the earlier exchange still want a card from me, please tell me. Also if you change your address please inform me... I want my mail to reach you guys safely. :D

I owe you guys a post card. Gomenasai! I'll be working on them in this holiday and will send them before New Year! m(_ _)m

So any one want New Year cards too?
Cute pics!

Since I took a few pics with my handphone again recently...

Cute pics! XDDDCollapse )
Have a nice day guys! XDDD


Sep. 14th, 2012


Hi guys!

Sorry for not being around much. As usual I'm busy with work etc... ^^;;; And just recently I had a few problems getting online too... The school wifi blocked almost everything... Livejournal, Facebook, Deviantart, Youtube, even having problem to post on Tumblr. Though seems like the problem have been solve today. Yay! :D/


Thanks to 5ahead for helping me out posting the TOKIO album scan on tokioteatime. I really appreciate it! XD


I'm going to my sis place this evening... After school. Since 16th Sept is Malaysia Day so I'm off from school on 17th... and my sis said I haven't visit her place for a while already... ^^ Yup... Going to take a short break from school... I miss big city's atmosphere anyway lol... XD


Remember that I post a drawing on tumblr about an elephant plush? (If you noticed...) XD 

I actually did took some photos using my phone camera... XD The plush already sold out though... (;A;)



Umm... I think that's all for now... Actually I have so much to share but so little time... *sigh* (;w;)

Have a nice day! ^w^

Aug. 24th, 2012


I rescued my package!

Finally I was able to retrieve my package from the customs. I still have to pay them some fines... Urgh... I hope my TOKIO CD won't be detained by the customs too once it arrived to my country...


I opened KinKi's and SMAP's CDs... and took some pics. Coz the box set are unique and pretty... I don't think I have to show how V6's and Eito's CD looks like. They look normal. ^^
KinKi Kids and SMAP pretty box :DCollapse )
Well... I think that's all for now.... Today is my last day at my hometown... I'm heading back to Langkap tomorrow. The school starts on Monday but I have to go back early to prepare for some work... Huhu... Time went by so fast. It's already a week I'm at my hometown... (;A;)

Ok. Have a nice day guys. :D/

Aug. 19th, 2012



It's Eid Fitri! XDDD

Gone shopping and bought stuffs and tidy up the house... I bought a new TV for the house. Cost me a fortune but I think it's ok... I'm kind of happy seeing my mother's face when she sees we brought in the TV. It's a flat screen, LED TV with 32" size. Panasonic brand. Very nice! \(^w^)/ 

Sorry for being absent for a while... XD

Happy Eid Fitri guys! :)

Aug. 14th, 2012


TOKIO Wallpapers ^^


Want chibi TOKIO wallies? 

Have a nice day! (^w^)/

Aug. 13th, 2012


Well, hi! \(^w^)/

Nothing much lol... 

Ok it's actually so much stuff going on in rl but I'm in no time to explain... I have so much that I want to tell and share with you guys but... *sigh*

Btw, Eid Fitri is just around the corner... This coming Sunday. XDDD The school starts the holiday earlier. No school starting Thursday! Wohoo!!! XDDD


Also I made a tumblr account - http://didihime85.tumblr.com/
I had to add the '85' coz there's somebody else already using 'didihime' as the tumblr's name. ^w^;;;


Umm... Have been watching a few animes lately... 

Summer Wars
Ano Hana
Nodame Cantabile (all seasons)
High School of The Dead season 1 *I shouldn't watch this but I did lol*


This year's Eid Fitri advertisement... I love this story... I always love PETRONAS's adds...

and the BERNAS add is also really good. (TwT)b


I think that's all for now. I'll try to post something else later... here and on tumblr too... (^w^)/

Happy fasting and have a nice day. XD///

Jul. 26th, 2012


A few quick updates. :D

Hi! Yeah miss you guys. o(^w^)o

  • So firstly, I PASSED THE DRIVING TEST! Lol... Sorry for the late update on this matter. But whew... It was really tensing.... Especially for the part of driving on the road... The officer was really strict... I thought I would fail! (;w;) now I have to start saving money to buy a car... XDDD
  • Yesterday was payday! Felt relieved! I spent to much money last month that I almost barely survived with only RM50 in my bank account. (TAT) After paying some debt, insurance and house rent, there are only half of my salary left in my bank account... Money... There will never be enough of them... Why is it so hard to keep myself from spending more money? (-_-)
  • It's have been 6 days since entering the month of Ramadhan. So far so good. Not much of difficulties in fasting. Though sometimes I have trouble to restrain myself from scolding my pupils LOL... and being a patient teacher is hard haha... XD 
  • Have been watching GTO Remake till the 3rd episodes. I like it! :D There's a few differences between the remake and the old drama with Takashi Sorimachi though I think AKIRA plays a good job portraying as Onizuka Eikichi. I love this new Onizuka even though he is not as handsome as the old one but I like that it tried to follow the manga more... THE BLONDE HAIR AND GERMAN SURPLEX HAHA! and can I say something about Fuyutsuki sensei? I kinda like this character more in this new drama... She is much more innocent than the one Nanako Matsushima played in the old drama. Other characters... Umm... Principal Sakurai is a beautiful lady. I'm surprised. She is just an obbachan in the manga version. The students... I see some of the plots are changed yet still suits the whole idea of the manga and some remain almost the same... Lol Murai and his hot mother cracks me up. XD Gonna try downloading the 4th episode! ^^
  • From GTO, I start to have some interest in EXILE. Stalking their community currently. ^w^ I'm searching for Rising Sun PV coz I love the song somehow *actually I was listening to that song on and on when I was taking my driving test* But hmm.... Looks like their stuffs are kinda hard to get too? Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong way?
  • What else? Oh yeah. I finally ordered TOKIO album! XDDD Now I just have to make the payment and wait impatiently for them to arrived at my hometown... 
  • Ah! Happy belated birthday Sakamoto Masayuki! Awesome man he is. I did some icons of him but hmmm... I'll have to post it much much later though... 

Ok. I think that's all for now. Have a nice day guys. For the muslims, Happy fasting. \(^w^)/

Jul. 18th, 2012



I'll be taking a driving exam tomorrow!

Dear all, pray for my success... \(;w;)/


Btw, I'm wearing my new shoe to work today. (^w^)

Urgh! What is this new style of picture uploader??? D:<


I also bought some stuffs recently... XD Brooches, and cute erasers!!! XDDD


Also milya_neechan! I've got your mail! My parent came to visit me yesterday and my mother handed me your little parcel... It have arrived to my house since 3 weeks ago... Sorry I forgot to asked her and she didn't remember to tell me... Thanks for the hair pin... I'm not the kind of person who wears hair pin but I'll keep it for sure! It's so cute... Maybe I'll try wear it with shawl... Though I don't wear shawl much either... Ehehe... ^w^;;; THANKS SO MUCH! I love the colour combination! XDDD
I love the colours! XDDD So pretty!Collapse )
V6's new single covers are great! I love the RE one... 

Have you guys see the TOKIO's new song tittles?


I think that's all for now... This evening will be my last driving practice before the driving exam tomorrow... WISH ME LUCK! \(;w;)/

Have a nice day guys! 


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